We are a group of multidisciplinary specialists with extensive experience in the conference organization field and community advocacy. We’re working hard behind the scenes on every detail to make sure you have a great experience

Skills Matter

Allyson Alexandrou

Events Manager at Skills Matter

47 Degrees

Maureen Elsberry

Marketing director at 47 Degrees

Jorge Galindo

Co-founder at 47 Degrees

Benjy Montoya

Creative director at 47 Degrees


Oliver J. White

Chief Storyteller at Lightbend

Seth Tisue

Senior Software Engineer at Lightbend

Kikia Carter

Enterprise Architect at Lightbend

Program Committee

Martin Odersky

Scala Center

Daniela Sfregola


Sébastien Doeraene

Scala Center

Adriaan Moors


Darja Jovanovic

Scala Center

Heather Miller

Carnegie Mellon University

Konrad Malawski

ex: Akka team, Lightbend

Holden Karau