Meet VirtusLab, A ScalaCon Gold Sponsor

ScalaCon is a series of virtual conferences designed to bring the Scala community closer together. This type of conference isn't possible without the support of our sponsors. We're pleased to have VirtusLab as a Gold sponsor this year!

Modern business relies on software. Through our services and technology, VirtusLab helps customers achieve more with software - faster.

We’re a dedicated team of passionate 250+ tech geeks, striving for growth. We provide expert software engineering and consultancy services to help customers adopt technology transformations. Our aim is to solve complex problems and improve the dev’s efficiency.

We’re proud to call ourselves Scala experts. With more than 11 years of experience in Scala programming, we can support any of your Scala-related projects.

What’s even more exciting, VirtusLab is officially supporting and developing Scala 3. We can have you covered from training to custom tooling to compiler development and extensions.

#VLteam contributes to over 40 open-source projects, many of them are significant Scala tools, libraries and frameworks, such as the Scala IDE and compiler or Metals (Scala language server with rich IDE features).

You can also know us by our deep involvement in the IT community. Maybe we’ve already crossed our paths on one of the local meetups that we support, or you participated in some of the events?

Speaking of, at a brand new website, you can find a library of inspiring tech talks, get more info about our upcoming events, or even join us in their organization.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do or find out about our career opportunities, don’t hesitate to visit our website or reach out directly at