Meet Packlink, A ScalaCon Gold Sponsor

ScalaCon is a series of virtual conferences designed to bring the Scala community closer together. This type of conference isn't possible without the support of our sponsors. We're pleased to have Packlink as a Gold sponsor this year!

Shipping is complex and online stores need solutions to compete globally. With Packlink technology, you can improve the shipping experience of your customers and deliver a premium service.

Operating in 10 countries, our passion for getting shipping right means we support our customers every step of the way, making shipping simple and transparent.

  • Our vision: to facilitate online shipping around the world.

  • Our mission: helping online stores offer a great delivery experience.

  • Our values: three pillars that drive an inclusive and proactive company culture:

  • Earn it - Without trust, we can’t grow. We earn trust from our teammates, customers and partners through hard work and great results.

  • Do it - Act, accomplish, repeat—that’s how we achieve our shared vision. Our team doesn’t overthink it, we are simply shipping by simply thinking!

  • Live it - We’re at our best when we’re challenged, learning and having fun.

Our technological platform is based on an event-oriented architecture hosted in Google Cloud and Google Kubernetes Engine. On top of that, we have more than 50 microservices in production, reaching up 17k requests per minute.

We use Scala with a functional programming approach, and our teams make ~10 deploys per day on average.

We are growing, hiring diverse talent, great people with an Agile and DevOps mindset for our engineering team.