Meet M1 Finance, A ScalaCon Gold Sponsor

ScalaCon is a series of virtual conferences designed to bring the Scala community closer together. This type of conference isn't possible without the support of our sponsors. We're pleased to have M1 Finance as a Gold sponsor this year!

At M1 Finance, we’re driven by a mission to empower personal financial well-being as we believe that financial well-being is fundamental to overall well-being. By seamlessly combining free investing, low cost borrowing, and digital checking all into one intuitive, automated Finance Super App, we’ve created a one of a kind personal wealth-building platform made for the modern era, uniting personal perspective and automated ease.

Since inception, over 500,000 clients have entrusted M1 Finance to help grow and manage over $4 billion of their wealth; with thousands more new clients joining every day. Even with all this momentum - M1 is just getting started! We’re looking for passionate people to further our mission and to build the next iteration of our platform.

We use a wide variety of Scala based technologies (Akka / Play! / Lagom) and patterns like Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and Event Sourcing (ES) to implement the resilient, distributed systems that power our platform. These systems span many compelling domains, ranging from account and identity management to trading and and money movements.

M1’s motto is “yours to build” and is firstly a message to our customers - that M1 offers them power and control in the building and management of their wealth. However, we truly believe this idea also applies to our employees - that M1 as an organization and company is also very much, yours to build. If you are looking for a chance to work on highly impactful projects with talented and likeminded teammates, and are someone who seeks to enjoy ownership and pride in what you do - come by our ScalaCon booth, we’d love to connect!

Alternatively, check out our careers page!