Meet Disney, A ScalaCon Gold Sponsor

ScalaCon is a series of virtual conferences designed to bring the Scala community closer together. This type of conference isn't possible without the support of our sponsors. We're pleased to have Disney as a Gold this year!

Disney is thrilled to be sponsoring ScalaCon, and we can’t wait to connect with the Scala community!

From Walt Disney’s early multi-plane camera to Disney+ becoming the fastest-growing subscription streaming service in the world, The Walt Disney Company has spent nearly 100 years immersing audiences in new and stunning experiences using groundbreaking technology. As Disney’s streaming businesses continue to expand globally, our technology teams are innovating and solving challenges yet to be imagined to build the best consumer experiences for Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, and Star+.

We invite you to take an exclusive peek behind the scenes and learn how we create the tech behind the magic. Visit our virtual booth to meet the Disney team and learn about the latest projects and challenges our technologists are tackling.