Brought to you by Scaladays and Scala Exchange

ScalaCon is a series of virtual conferences designed to bring the Scala community closer together.
May 18th - 21st. and Nov. 2nd - 5th.

Early-Bird tickets go on sale March 8th.

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About ScalaCon

ScalaCon is a collaborative project brought to you by the folks behind Scala eXchange and Scala Days!
Join us for two conferences packed with over 43 talks, networking opportunities, virtual sponsor booths, and a safe space for talking about our favorite language, its past , present, and future.




Virtual events


Separate fee

A centralized spot to talk about Scala

A centralized spot to talk about Scala

ScalaCon uses a centralized event platform that provides a great environment for watching talks, interacting with speakers and other attendees, virtual sponsors booths, and more all in one spot.

A collaborative team behind the scenes

A collaborative team behind the scenes

ScalaCon is brought to you by the folks behind the Scala Days and Scala eXchange conferences. Skills Matter, 47 Degrees, the Scala Center, and Lightbend all have years of experience organizing conferences and other community actions. We're all working behind the scenes to make sure the event is a great experience including providing professional A/V services to ensure high-quality presentations.

Strengthening community

Strengthening community

A percentage of ticket sales will be invested back into community and organizations that support underrepresented groups in tech.

Training and Workshops

Training and Workshops

A selection of training courses and workshops will run a week prior to the main conference. The content will focus on different Scala topics and related technologies and will be available with a separate ticket.

Organizing Hosts





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Diversity Tickets
  • Ticket scholarships for underrepresented in tech
  • In an effort to support inclusion at ScalaCon, a number of tickets will be designated free of charge for underrepresented persons and those who would not be able to attend due to financial circumstances
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